About Compliance

Corporate or Secretarial Compliance enables an entity or a person to meet the regulatory objectives. It also ensures that the adherence to regulatory requirements including its reporting is efficient and transparent. Compliance generally means acting according to the set of rules and regulations.
Compliance is needed in setting up appropriate policies and practices to mitigate the risk of non-compliance with the regulatory requirements. Compliance is a serious topic that when ignored has led to companies being assessed with large fines and additional burdens.

Our Service Offerings

At Oremus, we offer the following compliance services:

Corporate Secretarial Compliance – Creating, tracking and maintaining all corporate documents and entity information with a centrally managed system, enabling accurate and timely filings with regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs/Registrar of Companies, Reserve Bank of India, Enforcement of Directorate (ED), Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

• Incorporation of Legal entities (Company, LLP, Trust, Society etc.)
• Maintenance of Statutory Registers & Books as per regulations viz., Companies Act, 2013, FEMA and RBI         Regulations.
• Filing of forms with relevant authorities
• Advising and assisting with secretarial requirements
• Advising on suitable legal entity structures along with relevant compliance requirements.
• Advising and assisting on sectoral requirements w.r.t. Foreign Direct Investment; External Commercial               Borrowings in Indian Companies, pledge of shares, Overseas Direct Investment and related approvals from     RBI/FIPB.
• Advising on liaison representative requirements
• Handling corporate and legal due diligence
• Compounding of offences by Registrar of Companies and Reserve Bank of India for non-filings or delayed        filings of ROC e-forms, FC-GPRs and FC-TRS forms with the RBI and any other contraventions of FEMA laws.

Why Compliance ?

Documentation: Centralized error-free data & documents that are readily available for review or usage.

Support: Professional expertise to handle multiple compliances and assistance during inspections / audits / query resolution

Strategize: Plan new business strategies/business structures for future growth and development of your business.


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