About Custom Reporting

Accounting involves recording and classifying all expenses and incomes in their respective categories; reconciliations help businesses verify that every transaction is accounted. Promoters, management and investors evaluate performance based on the operational or financial reports.
Oremus helps in preparing the required financial control, performance, and financial reports based on information the bookkeepers enter into the accounting system. We prepare all specific customized reports in a format that is required by our clients. The output information can be used to control the operations.

Our Service Offerings

Customised reporting could include the following:

  • Operational Cash Flows
  • Income statement and statement of position
  • Variance Analysis
  • Account Reconciliation & Analysis
  • Working Capital and Costing Analysis
  • Translation to International Standards

Why Custom Reporting?

Key Information review: Management accounts can offer vital information related to Turnover, Margin, Costs, and Cash Flow. It is the lifeblood of all well-run organizations; used to boost performance, build strategy, escalating profits, enable detailed analysis, and accentuate issues.

Performance Analysis: Financial ratios and indicators help analyse the entity’s performance. They help in the identification of deviations if any; and the application of controls based on the projections and forecast

Cash Flow Management: The process helps improve cash flows and better management of finances through the recommendation of appropriate actions.


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