About Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the most essential functions of a human resource department. And in a digital world, automation is key. The process begins with streamlining the structure of the payroll of an entity’s workforce and concludes with adherence to compliance requirements. The key is to ensure all employees are accurately remunerated per their employment arrangement.
Payroll processing is done by Oremus using the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. The software factors in compliances viz., withholding taxes, tax planning, bonuses, deductions, and monthly contributions for PF, ESI, etc. Moreover, Management can view all processes in a dashboard setting including analytical capabilities along with data visualizations. A business can use payroll insights to evolve policies over time.

Our Service Offerings

At Oremus, we provide you with end-to-end solutions in Payroll

• Annual structuring of salaries for achieving tax efficiencies as per applicable tax rules
• Monthly processing of payroll
• Attendance and Leave management
• Employee reimbursements
• Recording and recovery of Employee Loans
• Generation and transmission of pay slips
• Monthly reconciliation of payroll with disbursements
• Monthly filings with respective authorities for tax deducted at source, provident fund, ESI and professional      tax
• Quarterly filings of TDS
• Annual generation of Form 16

Why Payroll Management ?

Processing your payroll and managing employee records through Oremus ESS is a cost-effective and practical way to manage your payroll. The tool automates certain other manual HR functions.

Payroll processing: Ease of use with no hardware or software needed – only a PC with a net connection

Attendance management: Capturing attendance of employees including those working from remote locations with the facility of geo-tagging.

Leave management: Ability to track and record all leaves through a systematic portal with proper documentation

Statutory Compliances : Ability to process Statutory deductions and ensure appropriate compliances with multi-dimensional employee pay structures.

Earning statements: Employees can view & print earning statements for the current calendar year

Transparency: Employees can view their information with ease and access from multiple locations anytime and anywhere.



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